Why should you join the NuGenesis NFT PLATFORM?


NuGenesis, patented as a gas-less NFT blockchain platform, has brought about a change in digital currency. It opens new horizons for crypto lovers with it some distinct features. It is different from traditional crypto platforms, and it is estimated it will outbound its rivals, including Ethereum and bitcoins.

You see numerous crypto names in the market, but NuGenesis has something different to offer. In this article, I shall provide you an insight into some distinct features of Nugenesis and why you should join this platform. According to NuGenesis CEO Hussein Faraj:

The best crypto network is “untainted by the million in marketing dollars of the over-hyped projects.”

Reaction and development of NuGenssis are quick and hassle-free as compared to Ethereum, with no multitasking. Here are its distinct features.

Easy to run marketplace

You may create your marketplace and pay via PayPal and other fiat currencies to run your marketplace. PayPal supports it, and you may integrate your local currency gateway with it. In this way, a newcomer can run their crypto platform and trade to earn.

Sovereign blockchain system

You can create your sovereign blockchain whether you are a crypto expert or a person unfamiliar with crypto. You are an artist with NuGenesis. You can create NFTs to develop your system for art series. Crypto knowledge is not essential for this purpose. With the growth of your marketplace, you may own a paralleled processing blockchain.

The best option for wholesale artists

Whether you are an agency owner or have collections, the NFT blockchain system may best represent you. It may be used for export business, gaming developers, and sports leagues. They may have a perfect multipurpose paralleled processing blockchain with no restrictions and a complicated process.

Security with NuGenesis NFT

NuGenesis ensures all your business is secure and without any exposure to your competitors or regulatory agencies. Multiple loyalty layers feature the NFT platform. You can develop differently and ensure retention of loyalty to your institution. It is a sigh of relief for sports clubs and Talent hunters. Here lies the fragmentation that maximizes your business drive. If you need, you can impose conditions in the NFT setup for wills, trusts, and other purposes. It may become a self-functionary smart contract and pay the beneficiary through its system without any further process.

Gasless crypto

The contemporary NFTs self proclaims their bifurcation with Ethereum, and the term Ethereum divorce is vogue. There are gas fees with other platforms. All other NFTs are static in scope. There is interaction and diversification in the development of NuGenesis. There is no static situation; you may level up the NFT with some added accessories. There may be rivalry adoption in other NFTs, and it may be a transition of metadata. The NuGenesis has hanged the game with its new offers. According to NuGenesis CTO, LuayMonshen:

“the boundaries between what is an NFT and what is game will blur and disappear as NFTs become instruments of multiple uses, including serious commercial uses.”

Avoiding gasification layers

NuGenesis avoids the expensive gasification layers with noticeable improvement. You can compare it with them that make the process more costly with these layers. There are transactional and intrinsic traffic issues and, above all, gas fees.

In NuGenssis, it offers innovation with more traffic.

The patent blockchain system offers a balanced transition and a consensus before packing. The validation protocol is updated with %G block size. We provide faster transactional speed with a faster system.

Ethereum and NuGenesis interaction cross-chain system

The great Ethereum migration is apparent, and NuGenssis offers a multi-blockchain system. With NuGenssis, you may transfer your Ethereum assets. We have made the process simple and interactive. You may use the Ethereum platform with NuGenssis and benefit from the decentralized blockchain system offers by NuGenssis. Ethereum assets may efficiently work with NuGenesis.

A new evolution for the new generation: NuGenssis

We may term the shift as a net evolution and an improvement in traditional NFTs. you

May experience a tokenless change in real-world reality! Here are the words of NuGenesis CEO Hussein Faraj about this shift.

“We don’t see people sitting at keyboards or using attachments in the near future. NuGenesis is introducing the virtual reality/augmented reality evolution called “parallel worlds.”In VR, you will be interacting live, socializing and doing business without needing tokens. Your interactive NFT’s will your games; they will be your drivers’ license, medical records where you cross between the virtual and real worlds.”

Leapfrog effect

NuGenssis is a great leap but trading slowly towards a revolutionary blockchain system. We remove resistance and provide an innovative design for users. There is no fear of being hacked with our security protocols. You don’t need to have concerns about losing your bucks. You have an interactive and dynamic system with no eavesdropping from eternal authority. We burn the fruits of a hack and deliver them to the actual owner. It is the base of our system.

A great step

We are the second phase of crypto technology and lead you towards the second phase. We welcome new users to mine crypto. We don’t sell our NuCoin yet. You have the privilege of mining it on your own. We have crypto to the system and provide our users the best experience of cordless transactions.

We can finance you if you meet our standards and are a loyal user.

Adoption facilitators

We may proudly term ourselves as adoption facilitators and offer titles such as “Senator,” “Ambassador,” “Diplomat,” “Envoy” to our reverend users. Here facilitation and much more. Why not join now?

We are not in public, but soon you will see our ravages with Nucoin, our crypto coin.

Join us now.

Final thoughts

I end with final words quoting Mr. Faraj, NuGenesis CEO” saying:

But we do not believe in people investing in promises. We have self-funded a fully operational blockchain network system so that when people buy NuCoin in the next month or so.

If people want to pre-register and be white-listed for priority release, that is acceptable. Our focus now is those who want to make a career, a profession, and a business in the New crypto-economy, so we wish to miners and those who can grow the ecosystem with their efforts.”

Join us now