Why Occam-Fi could be the Crown Jewel of the Cardano Ecosystem


Occam-Fi is a launchpad that’s working with the Cardano ecosystem to help give new projects liquidity before launch and also to give investors a chance to buy the ground floor of a project before it launches for the public. However, as most of you already know, this is not the only launchpad project for the Cardano ecosystem - there are competitor launchpads such as Cardstarter as well. So, what makes this launchpad such a worthwhile investment and differentiates it from the others?

Well, for a start, running a decentralized launchpad protocol is not the only thing that Occam-Fi plans to do with the project and there’s much more in the works, including Occam-X, a DEX on the Cardano platform for swapping tokens; Occam Razer, the decentralized launchpad platform of the ecosystem; and, Occam DAO, the governance layer for the ecosystem which will, in turn, be eventually controlled by its community in much the same way as Uniswap is now.

As far as the Occam Razer launchpad goes, there are a few advantages that holders have for staking their OCC here.

  1. As long as you have at least 150 OCC staked on the protocol, you are eligible for receiving an allocation to any platform which utilizes the protocol. However, this is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed however is a portion of CED (Continuous Ecosystem Diversification) rewards which the Occam Association has purchased for distribution to all staked holders. Although the CED rewards can be quite modest, they build up and grow rather quickly for long-term diverse rewards without any action required on your part. The larger your stake, the larger your share of CED rewards.
  2. Those who stake OCC on the Razer app will also be the first to receive airdrops of the OCC-X exchange token that will soon be added to the ecosystem. These airdropped rewards will take place on the Occam Razer platform similar to dropped CED rewards and the amount received will depend on the duration of your stake, as well as the quantity of your stake.
  3. The team scrutinizes incoming projects which aim to utilize the Razer platform for fundraising in order to weed out projects that could be risky for investors or may otherwise harm the community. Bottom line is that Occam cares about its community and wants to bring value to holders rather than volume.

Team and Partnerships

The core team behind Occam-Fi consists of Elliot Hill (Communications), Max (Product Lead), Anh Dung (Blockchain Lead), and Dusan (Blockchain Engineer). Aside from these transparent and experienced professionals, they are backed by Mark Berger and Paul Rieger, members of the Occam.Fi Association. Then there are a slew of strategic advisors who assist in giving the team the best information possible to push the project forward smoothly. The entire team’s bios can be found here: https://occam.fi/team

Key takeaway: They are professional and transparent.

As for partnerships, Occam-Fi is making strong bonds with all of its ‘occelator’ projects that are achieving funding through its initiative to help small and innovative blockchain startups to find footing in the Cardano ecosystem. They also have strong ties to Emurgo and IHOK where Cardano was created and brought to life. The Occam ecosystem pairs well with an academic approach to blockchain technology and shares in the vision of Cardano for providing decentralized financial tools to people of all walks of life, no matter where they are in the world or how much money they might have. There is a principle before money approach to developing this technology in both ecosystems and that is something both noble and reassuring for investors in a crypto space where, sometimes, money at all costs can propel a project (and quickly drop it afterward).

For more information and news on Occam-Fi or the projects launching on its platform, follow the Occam-Fi news feed here or interact with Occam-Fi community:

Twitter — https://twitter.com/OccamFi

Telegram Announcements — https://t.me/occamfi

Community Telegram Group — https://t.me/occamfi_com

Website — https://occam.fi/

Coingecko — https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/occamfi