We represent Unidemy, an innovation in LearnFi


When the GameFi universe was born someone wrote that farming should be fun and involve users into the process. Then there was a hype in the GameFi market. We, in turn, are confident that farming is not just supposed to be fun, but it also has to benefit the community. With this mission we plan to change the entire DeFi industry by introducing a new concept called LearnFi (learn and earn).

We combine the fields of decentralized finance, farming, gaming RPGs and education in one beautiful decentralized application. Every video created (or educational project) is an NFT which means it cannot be faked. Any user watching a video or a series of video lessons receives experience points (platform tokens) that can be sold on the market. You upgrade your character’s skills by constantly learning and your digital profile is saved in the system on blockchain while you always earn during your education. Thus, such pharming brings value to users and to the whole world. It’s not boring, it’s easy, and it’s possible to make a lot of money here.

Users can also be content creators and earn money by viewing their videos. The higher your level of development, the more expensive your video costs (the cost always starts from zero). You have to give something really valuable in order to make good money in the system. When your content is expensive you can simply sell it as NFT and ownership of the content will pass to another (and he will profit from the sale of that content). At the same time, your level of development (digital profile) remains assigned to you, not reset to zero.

Fascinating farming that brings real benefits to society. When you’re watching a video or attending an educational program, you get a reward. In fact, the user closes two essential needs: income and continuous development.

NFT education. A new round of using NFT. NFT videos and educational programs cannot be faked. As the skill level of the instructor increases, the value of NFT content increases as well. The instructor (author of the content) can then sell the course (transfer ownership) or have an income from it for life.

Certificates and qualifications in the form of NFTs. Certificates and qualifications in the form of NFTs remove the burden of verification. Subsequently, the approach also delivers a more straightforward process for storing evidence of a learner’s achievements (proof of knowledge). The NFT smart contract can contain a wealth of metadata, including a student’s name, the awarding body, and qualification date. There might even be an image of them qualifying. All of this would help maintain the award’s integrity while also giving employers absolute peace of mind.

Human digital profile. The user improves his skills while passing an educational program, all the information is accumulated in development levels and displayed on the user’s page. In the future HR specialists can use this system to recruit personnel through a global digital system of user development levels.

An idea that doesn’t need marketing. Users come into the system to earn money and develop by educating in a fascinating manner that resembles a modern RPG strategy. The instructors come to earn money as well as protect their copyrights with the help of NFT. Investors can buy NFT courses or content for subsequent business (for example, popular copyright content of a famous well-paid blogger).