Vidya Development Update Q2-Q3, 2021


It’s been really busy here at Team3D HQ, we dropped our first year anniversary gift — a series of six colourful party hats (collectors scroll to discover your in-game bonus), we’ve been talking with our first serious 3rd party game developer about three economy-based games they would like to launch on TeamOS, completed the first stage of internal testing for AimBots, worked with a U.K producer on the original AimBots OST, made good progress on three secret projects and a load more…

AimBots Progress (first-person shooter) v0.1.3

  • Initial closed testing — Complete
  • 2 x new weapon — Complete
  • Pause menu UI — Complete
  • HUD design updates — Complete
  • Wallet integration — Complete
  • NFT item integration — Complete
  • CTF testing map/mode — Complete
  • Original soundtrack — In progress
  • Bot parts/skins modeled — In progress
  • Customiser UI — In progress

Quick update from Huey — been working on fixing the majority of bugs discovered in initial closed testing as well as general webGL optimizations.

We’ve also started work integrating web3 wallets within Unity — owned items can be used to further customize your bot and give them individuality while battling.

Owners of the Skull of the elder NFT can opt to melee their enemies with a more gruesome approach along with Santa Hat owners, who can slay in Christmas style.

Ultimate collectors that own every variation of the recent party hat (the one year anniversary gift) will be able to unlock a special in-game version featuring all colours.

Any Unreal Tournament fans will be happy to see the addition of our first Capture the Flag map, which will be added along with the game mode for a short testing period.

Keep your eyes peeled for some game footage dropping next weekend!