Public Beta of KAKA’s first Play-to-Earn Game, Troland, is Now Live


KAKA NFT World is pleased to announce that the public beta of her first play-to-earn game, Troland, was released last week. Recalling back to the 1st round of private beta of Troland in June, the prototype of the game was revealed and only a certain number of players were selected to play the private beta on BSC testnet. At the end of July, KAKA launched the second round of private beta. KAKA opened the signup to everyone who wants to join and get some practice going before the game goes online (KAKA Metaverse Key holders had priority access for the participation in the second round of private beta). In the second round of private beta, KAKA integrated the mining function for gamefi with the card battle game and allowed the players to mine and earn Dogecoin while playing.

What is different of the Public Beta of Troland from its Private Beta?

The major differences are the addition of insurance items and the integration of the mining system. Before players participate in the game, it would be a best choice to read carefully below,

  1. The insurance item in this public beta is called protect spell and players can purchase it through the game store called item mall with unlimited quantity. The price is 1 usdt per item. Players will be asked if they want to use the insurance item at the beginning of the match. Only one such item is allowed to be used per match and it will protect one card from being selected by the winner or being burnt at the end of the game. Players will decide which card to be protected. No matter the final outcome of the match, the insurance will be consumed after each battle. The purchasing guideline for insurance can be accessed through here.
  2. For this public beta, players could use actual NFT Troland cards to participate in the game. These cards are from either purchasing the Troland packs through KAKA official website or from airdrop distribution. These are different from the testing cards used in the private beta. The purchasing guideline for card packs can be accessed through here.
  3. Deposit and withdrawal functions are made available. Players could deposit the card from the active bag to the reserves bag or they could withdraw their selected cards from the reserves bag to their cards packs on the game preparation page.
  4. No handling fee will be charged for the transfer process and the gas fee generated by the transaction will be paid by the user.
  5. The mining token for this public beta is BNB while the mining token for the final release will be KAKA tokens instead. The output rules are as follow,

a. Total burnt amount = Value of burnt cards from loser 80% x Current BNB price.

b. The winner and loser will both get rewarded BNB based on the total burnt value and the winner gets a higher reward.

As KAKA NFT World revealed the information on her first play-to-earn game, Troland, in the past two weeks, Troland will be deployed on multiple chains through cross-chain bridges including Binance Smart Chain, OKEx Chain, HECO, Polygon, Conflux Chain, and Solana Chain later on. Although the cross-chain systems are not implemented in this beta, KAKA will make them available when Troland goes live officially.

Finally, KAKA wishes the best of luck to all the players out there!

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT WORLD is a DEFI project of the world’s top NFT vertical game value ecology. We aim to build a metaverse property experiment through the entry of top IPs and large numbers of esports games. Through the application of NFT technology, we open up the value exchange between the virtual world of encrypted assets and the real world, thus we can build a more practical Metaverse platform.

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