Presearch Weekly Update #32 — September 10th, 2021


Another amazing week has passed, with Presearch now counting over 2.3M registered users and over 12,000 nodes on the testnet. Major social media growth, mentions, and much more!

Missed last week’s updates? No problem, check out the recap below:

This week in review: most important takeaways

  • 2.3M+ total registered users now
  • 126M PRE staked between keywords and nodes (>25% of total supply!)
  • Over 12,000 nodes on the Presearch Testnet (+2,000 in a single week!)
  • Credit card payments for PRE tokens on the marketplace now live
  • New UI to be implemented next week!

Development Updates

  • Credit Card payments via Wire are now live, making it easier to purchase PRE!
  • The rewards verification system replacement has been implemented to start collecting data
  • New UI will be implemented on testnet next Tuesday
  • Community package platform to enable community members to easier provide community packages

Marketing Updates

  • CoinGecko Ad until the end of October, as a thank you for being the #1 traffic referrer to their website.
  • New Presearch videos to introduce people to Presearch are being worked on
  • Presearch received another mention by CoinTelegraph
  • Email marketing has begun
  • Community package bounties are being prepared, so stay tuned!
  • Vision Paper refresh is expected to be published soon


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