Minima is the most underestimated project of 2021

cellphones in future ❤

Nowadays many people that familiar with crypto world are absolutely sure that Google search, Twitter, PayPal will be replaced by analogues in blockchains world or these projects will become a part of it.

Blockchains is something that grew up massively last year, but it is still a baby in face of World Wide Web that connects different devices: laptops, cell phones, PC’s etc.

Have you ever thought of possibility that Google and iOS will no longer be giants of cell phones markets? In future we will decide on our own what DAPP to use and projects like Minima is bringing this future closer every day.

Decentralization that is made, provided and valued by users is the correct description of what Luke Edwards and his team wants us to get by giving Minima system to us. Begs the question of someone who invests his time and money in new blockchains: why do we need to use Minima apps for today? I believe it will be not less than new choice of many smart people who are tired of being spied and are using apps with advertisement. These people don’t think that their phone is a good friend who doesn’t cheat. It is a common opinion that we cannot be alone if cell phone lays close to us. New decade showed us many examples of how huge corporations are collecting info about users without their permission .

In my opinion, Minima has strong pros that will let this project increase amount of users by end of this year:

  • Tx-PoW system. Each transaction in Minima is PoW mined. The process is very similar to searching for blocks on any other PoW blockchain. When you find a Tx-PoW that satisfies the network allowed difficulty, 10s average work per device, your transaction may be broadcast, relayed across the network, and added to blocks.
  • Every user is giving security to blockchain
  • Hash-rate does not equal security. That reduces a possibility of 51 % attack
  • You do not need more energy to make blockchain stable — you will charge your phone anyway
  • No need to use much phone memory — you will start to search blocks from where it was before you opened Minima
  • Minima runs over a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network called Maxima
    Every user on the Minima network is connected to every other user. Maxima opens up this P2P backbone, via a simple network API, so that users can transmit any data they like, not just Minima transactions, to other individual Maxima users, point-to-point and not flood-fill. This gives a method of communication that can be used by all the layer 2 protocols, such as the Lightning Network, Sidechains, Decentralized Exchanges etc.
  • Minima is a base for unlimited amount of DAPPS that can let us sleep calmly I hope that Minima developers are enthusiastic enough to build new OS. Step by step, Minima ought to give us wide variety of DAPPS that many developers will code.

Rome was not built in a day and Minima has a good idea, team and community. I wish them not to give up and keep doing great job.

I believe I could help you to decide whether to join Minimalists community or not!

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