How to Get Started in the Gyroscope Gamified Testnet


Visual Walk-through

In case you are stuck with one of the levels read on below. Note, however, that most of the contextual information about the underlying mechanisms is stated in the instructions above. As such, the below guide may merely help you in navigating a potentially unfamiliar web3.

Level 1:

Minting Gyro Dollars in the Primary-market Automated Market Maker
  1. Mint Gyro Dollars by depositing some of your test tokens into the Gyroscope reserve. In the above example 100 USDC, 100 DAI, 100 BUSD and 100 sUSD are deposited to mint about 448 GYD. Side quest: can you explain why the currently provided quote issues 448 GYD against 400 units of USDC/ DAI/ BUSD/ sUSD? If you can explain it or are curious about better understanding the quote price, join our Discord and let us know.
  2. Once the input has been specified you can go ahead and mint GYD.
Providing liquidity to the Secondary-market AMM

3. Click on “Add liquidity”

4. Provide the maximal amount of liquidity to the multi-asset pool

4a. Alternatively, you may decide to only provide a single asset, i.e. either GYD or USDC to the S-AMM pool

4b. Indicates that supplying multi-asset liquidity to the pool is evenly distributed

5. Click on ‘I agree’. Read more about the risk of supplying assets to liquidity pools here.

6. Click on “Set up proxy”.

7. Confirm the transaction generated in MetaMask. Repeat this process to unlock GYD and to unlock USDC. You may want to check if adding liquidity has been successful. You can do so here. In case you did not receive a respective check mark try to repeat this process again, add liquidity and confirm the created MetaMask transactions.