Flux protocol is a new meta of WEB3


The Flux protocol is a meta of WEB3— that is the point I will try to prove in this article.

In 2021 crypto industry is not something new, but already useful thing that even accepted by some authorities (special legislation, approvement of some currencies to use as exchanges).

Flux protocol is being developed since 2017, but this year grew extremely. Being based on NEAR protocol, Flux suggests right decisions to blockchains that are opened to design and develop on its base.

First of all, what do we need to assume when compare different blockchains/protocols? Those who watch for new projects are mostly interested: what new can it bring and why is it better than other ones?

At first sight, all projects value (and advertise themselves to have):

Most of researchers use this elements to explore, my chart

That is what Flux Oracle was made for: to give instant,reliable and accurate information to users of different protocols.

But how does it work and who use it? We can take Pulse protocol as a good example:

Predictions through Flux protocol, taken from “https://pulsemarket.eth.link/#!/markets/77

Having a true info from market gives us accurate answer on our questions.

Huge news for the future of Flux, taken from “Flux is launching on Solana” by SONNY AZEEZ

The main news for me was an announcement on the 13.09.2021 from Flux protocol that they collaborates now fith Solana! We all have heard much about Solana in 2021. Definitely it will bring massive growing of Flux protocol in 2021 and 2022.

Why is it better than others Oracles?

Taken from “Is Flux The Best Bet For Arbitrary Data?” by SONNY AZEEZ

As we can see Flux protocol is better than most of Oracles and it is a main reason why they can be united by Flux Oracle.

Flux protocol is fast, affordable and open-market protocol that can unite oracles of protocols in itself — an Oracle of Oracles.

I believe that Flux protocol can boost such projects as: Solana, Ethereum,Polkadot,Cosmos — that already have their oracles (Chainlink, Kylin, Paralink etc.), because Flux combines the best of these oracles and unites all data to bring it to end user. Pulse was the first to use Flux which resulted in extra interest to these projects, but Solana + Flux will make them all fly to the moon.

We see that the idea of Flux is unique and brave. But what can make investors to be sure this project is worth their money?

Backers of Flux protocol ( taken from https://www.fluxprotocol.org/)

Strong players that already placed a bet on Flux protocol make its potential users to be calm about not having pro developers and smart marketers — they will bring well-ended product, we sure.

Team says that will not be IDO and public sales — just to make clear — they already have resources to work with from early backers (from real and crypto).

We see interesting idea, well-endowed team, simple solution for fundamental projects and good collaborations. Let’s watch how Flux protocol will unite crypto protocols together!

Flux in a middle of crypto space

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