About Of X Swap Protocol :


About Of X Swap Protocol :

Hello xdc network community we are team of developers and marketing managers working on 1st Swap ( AMM ) for Xinfin Network called X Swap Protocol , it will facilitate swaping your xrc20 tokens .

So first we present xinfin network for newbies
XinFin is a hybrid blockchain platform that is built to modernize the global trade and finance sector through an accessible, efficient, and highly versatile decentralized infrastructure solution.

XDC is the coin of Xinfin network it will be used in our X Swap as mediator like Ethereum ETH in Uniswap AMM. .
Project Vision
Grow the Xinfin Network
Build other new dApps : private transactions , trading bot , XSP App
Launch rewards ecosystem Staking ,Farming and Governance.

X Swap Protocol Project Roadmap :

Bounty Campaign LAUNCH
650 000 000 XSP for bounty program (Twitter , Telegram , Youtube and Articles)

*** 10 Sept 2021

Private sale , Presale and Public sale

*** Sept 2021

Listing in Big Exchanges
Huobi Bitrue

*** Sept - Oct 2021

Launch Rewards Ecosystem
Staking and Governance ; Farming will launch after Swap be live

*** Oct 2021

Our devs testing the swap before the launch

*** Nov 2021

X SWAP Launch
Team launch a secured swap

*** Dec 2021

Integrate other products
Devs will include trading bot and smart redirect

*** Q1 2022

Partnerships & XSP APP
XSP Experts will manage partnerships will xinfin network projects; also devs will launch XSP App for android

Finally My Own dialogue about of X Swap Protocol Project :

X swap Protocol Project is a big big project in our Crypto Market in the world

Thanks for X Swap Protocol Project Community.